Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunset at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Sunset at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Friday, January 9th was a long day... work, then a friend's birthday. Saturday was long too. I had planned to spend Sunday at home watching football, and to just veg on the couch. Got up kind of late, and was finalizing my vegging techniques when I realized that the weather had warmed up... from 50s and cloudy to 68 and sunny. So much for vegging.

Decided to go out and do two of my favorite things - going to the city (San Francisco) and taking pics. I had planned to go to the Marin headlands and take some photos of the Golden Gate Bridge with the skyline in the background... but after picking up a friend and following his directions (he got kind of lost)... ended up on Ocean Beach around sunset. Took a few pics... later on had dinner and went home.

photo info:

  • shot in RAW, Color Space Adobe RGB
  • 13 sec, f/10, January 11, 2009 at 5:45pm
  • Location: click on the picture and click "map" link (bottom right of page)
  • Shot with camera on tripod, with remote release

post processing:
In Canon DPP

  • white balance set to 4300K
  • sharpness 10
  • color saturation 3
  • contrast 1
  • picture style Landscape
  • cropped to remove boring sky.

"Out of Camera" Picture