Thursday, February 3, 2011

Go Packers!!!

The Green Bay Packers are in the Super Bowl.  It has been several years since their last trip, and I am very optimistic for the win.

I bought this troll many years ago, when I got ready to retire my cheese-head.

In case you can't tell, I AM a fan for many years now, and I DID wear a cheese-head to a game.  Unfortunately, we lost that game to Dallas.

Here is the troll looking with high anticipation and excitement - currently at the pre-game hype, but the same photograph can double for watching the actual game.

Go Packers!!!!


I had taken this photo several years ago.  This was when I was just starting out with using artificial light, and although I think it was an okay attempt, I had wanted to go back and take some more photos.  This seemed like a good time, so ...  finally did it.
Green Bay Packers' Troll

There were 4 setups I did for these set of photographs.

In Setup #1 through #3, the main light was on the left (our left, the troll's right), and higher than the troll, pointing downwards - Elinchrom D-Lite4 through softbox.

Setup #1
2 lights
  • Main light as stated above.
  • Green-gelled light behind the troll on the troll's right side.  Roughly the height of the troll's head - Elinchrom D-Lite4 with reflector & gels.

Setup #2
2 lights
  • Main light as stated above.
  • Green-gelled light high above the troll, pointing down - Elinchrom D-Lite4 with reflector & gels.

Setup #3
3 lights
  • Same as Setup#2 + 
  • fill light for the left side of the troll's face - Canon 550 EX through umbrella

Setup #4
3 lights
  • Main light on troll's left side, and high - Elinchrom D-Lite4 through softbox.
  • Fill light on troll right side, about the height of his head - Elinchrom D-Lite4 through softbox.
  • Background light from camera-right to make the background white - Canon 550 EX

Triggering the Lights
Setups 1 & 2: Lights were triggered by Elinchrom Skyport
Setups 3 & 4: 550 EX trigger by Cactus V2, and the Elinchrom's triggered optically.

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